Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are
... Only the man of wit knows how to eat

Gastronomy is the reasoned knowledge of all that relates to man as he eats … it moves growers, winemakers, fishermen, hunters, and the large family of cooks whatever the title or qualification under they mask their care of the food preparation …

Gastronomy studied men and things to transport them from one country to everything that deserves to be known and that makes a feast expertly prepared either as a small world in which every part of it appears through his products.

The number of diners is not more than twelve, because the conversation can keep general;
they are chosen so that the professions are different, the similar tastes and so well known with the other not be forced to annoyed presentations;

The dining room is lavishly illuminated, the table spotless …
The foods are chosen well, but limited in number and the highest quality wines, each in its kind

(Brillat-Savarin 1825)

the well being at the table

The contents of the meditations of Brillat-Savarin, considered the founding father of modern gastronomy are extremely current and blend well with the Papilio raro philosophy that offers the home chef service mainly to bring into the homes of his quest to eat healthy, but with taste and sensitivity for the well being at the table.

Therefore Chantal is engaging in a new training program in which it has a Master in Culinary Nutrition. The Culinary Nutrition is the science that studies how to vary the nutrients and their bioavailability in foods depending on how they are cooked, processed, combined, assayed, with the aim to achieve a tasty and healthy cuisine. And ‘this is the main message linked to the activity of chef at home that Papilio raro wants to bring in people’s homes.

Closely connected to this service is the advice on mise en place which can be associated to the type of banquet designed.