Flower, table stylist and personal chef

a culture of hospitality

Chantal Cerise, native of Valle d’Aosta, but transplanted to Rome, grows in an environment where from her mother inherited a passion for art, she graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and specializing in the organization of exhibitions, from her father ambition, determination, the sense of beauty and from her grandmother the art of the table in all its facets. For nine years, in parallel to her work as organizer of exhibitions, embarks on a training course for the art of hospitality since, as stated directly, “I strongly believe that there is a culture of hospitality that must be studied, applied, reinvented, streamlined to surprise, engage, excite and amaze every single guest. ”

Plays of the courses as wedding planners, specializing in art and floral communications, she graduated from the University of Reims on taste, gastronomy and the art of the table “and received her diploma at the Cordon Bleu cooking in Paris, renowned school culinary arts since 1895.

Her attention to all the disciplines related to the art of receiving is born mainly by the knowledge that every event, from the largest to the smallest, need those who have the skills and the sensitivity to organize, select, choose , create, set up with care and refinement. The aim is to arouse the guests the pleasure and excitement because of the guests well-being is the manifestation of their welfare.

Determination and, above all, the courage, the push Chantal to found ” Papilio raro, the house, the cellar, the winter garden” with headquarters in the historic Palazzo Gaddi, in the center of Rome a few steps away from Castel Sant’Angelo. In finely restored business premises Chantal mainly recreated locations where the chosen furniture, the decor of the table, the flowers of Holland and beyond, the carefully selected wines, whose role is to welcome the visitor. But Papilio raro not only specializes in the design of events, but also proposes the chef at home with specific advice on the mise en place.